About Peach Project

Peach Project was founded in 2019 by Malaysian Entrepreneur, Yasmin Shahira.

Peach Project Was Created To Help And Empower Women In Their Fitness Journey.

We help women in their fitness journey through our proven 5-step system.

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Effective Training/Workout
  • Mindset Practices
  • Self-development
  • Sustainability

Through our Online Coaching and Fitness Programs, we have helped and impacted hundreds of women in their fitness journey and we are looking to do more!


Peach Project's Vision & Mission


Terminate the beliefs of "QUICK FIXES" is the solution to achieve our fitness goals. We believe in putting in the hard work, consistency and discipline to achieve long term results. We believe sustainability in health can be achieved by building habits and lifestyle transformation.


To help as many women as possible to take action and help them get their desired results in their fitness journey, through a sustainable approach. 


"We Help Women Kickstart Their Fitness Journey Through A Sustainable Approach And Lifestyle Transformation"

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